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MedTran is dedicated to becoming the premier non-emergency medical transportation provider. We offer quality service, affordable rates, and on-time reliability. Find out how we ensure the highest quality care from our fully modified vans to our drivers who have successfully passed a state health and welfare background check, drug screen, clean driving record, and have the heart of a caregiver at 

The founder experienced first-hand the difficulty in finding adequate wheelchair transportation in the Spokane area as a licensed nursing home administrator.  He has watched numerous patients sit in the lobby of the nursing home waiting for their ride to come; only to discover that the transport company is running late. Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes an hour, and sometimes they don’t show at all.

Setting up a wheelchair transport can be very time consuming and Hospital discharge planners, social workers, admissions directors at the healthcare facilities, and nurses know this truth all too well.  How much time do you spend trying to find a transport for your patient?

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We staff a full-time dispatcher who is available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm ready to take your call.  Feel free to leave a message after hours or on our secured voicemail. You can also use the online booking tool to set up your next appointment.