MEDTRAN SPOKANE: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)


MedTran Spokane is the premier non-emergency medical transportation provider for the greater Spokane area. We offer quality service, affordable rates, and on-time reliability. Find out how we ensure the highest quality care from our fully modified vans to our drivers who have successfully passed a state health and welfare background check, drug screen, clean driving record, and have the heart of a caregiver at 

“We provide safe, reliable, and convenient transportation services; ensuring that our riders maintain independence throughout the process.”

Mark Spencer, owner


The founder of MedTran Spokane experienced first-hand the difficulty in finding adequate wheelchair transportation in the Spokane area as a licensed nursing home administrator.  He has watched numerous patients sit in the lobby of the nursing home waiting for their ride to come; only to discover that the transport company is running late. Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes an hour, and sometimes they don’t show at all.

Setting up transportation can be very time consuming and Hospital discharge planners, social workers, admissions directors at the healthcare facilities, and nurses know this truth all too well.  How much time do you spend trying to find a transport for your patient?

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MedTran Spokane supports individuals requiring transportation assistance due to injury, illness, disability, or lack of reliable transportation gain independence through safe and reliable wheelchair accessible services.

Get Where You Need to Go

Enjoy a Luxury Experience

  • Routine medical/doctor’s appointments
  • Medical procedures requiring sedation
  • Oral and cosmetic surgery
  • Optometry procedures with eye dilation
  • Mental health appointments
  • Airport pickup and drop-off
  • Shopping trips and family get-togethers
  • Fully modified 2013 dodge grand caravans
  • Accommodates up to two wheelchairs at a time
  • Rear entry loaded vans for less maneuvering
  • Two second-row seats for family and friends
  • Largest fleet size in the region
  • Customized dispatching software for reliability
  • Seamless drop off and pickup process

“Whenever my driver picks me up there’s always a smile. He makes the ride fun but professional. His personality is top of the line.”