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MedTran Spokane’s Four Pillars of Service Enhance the Rider Experience

MedTran takes customer the customer experience very seriously. As we continue to work to ensure that our standard of service is the highest in the region, we measure the care given to each rider through the lens of our four pillars of service. These pillars include the areas that we see making the highest impact on our customer’s experience. These pillars are reliability, safety, convenience, and independence, guiding the care we provide to each individual rider.

As we dive deep into the details of each pillar of service, we encourage you to consider what these service values mean to you and the loved ones you care for.


For non-emergency medical transportation to and from important healthcare appointments, reliability is of the utmost importance.

MedTran ensures that every rider can count on a reliable trip with each and every booking. We begin with one of the largest fleets in the region – ensuring ride availability when you need it. Each van in our fleet is fully equipped to transport individuals ranging from fully mobile to wheelchair-bound. Our drivers often wake up before the sunrise to ensure that they are waiting on their first ride of the day. 

Showing up on time is just part of the package. Once a rider is dropped off at their destination, they will receive a card that supports the round-trip. Riders are able to connect with our full-time dispatcher as soon as their appointment or meeting is complete, triggering the closest van in our fleet to deliver a prompt pick up with very little wait time.


Entrusting your or your loved-one’s transportation to a business that takes safety seriously helps alleviate some of the stress associated with medical appointments.

In light of the continued pandemic, MedTran Spokane remains vigilant in ensuring the highest level of safety for each and every rider by implementing precautions that protect our riders and drivers from pick up to drop off. We continue to sanitize each van following each drop off and fully stock our fleet with hand sanitizer and masks for each rider. Additionally, riders can be assured that the driver assisting you from door to door will remain masked throughout your experience.

Safety is about more than the pandemic. Our driver’s undergo rigorous background checks to ensure our team is the best of the best. Not only are their background’s clear, but their hearts are committed to delivering care to our riders by offering door to door pick up and drop off, reducing fall risks and instilling a sense of comfort for each rider.


MedTran Spokane ensures that every rider enjoys the experience of a highly convenient process. Our favorite feature on our website is our seamless online booking feature that allows private pay riders to conveniently request a ride directly through our site, rather than calling us directly or working through a broker.

Once dropped off at their location, riders receive a card that they can reference once they are ready to be picked up. Our full-time dispatcher works diligently to send the closest driver to complete the pick-up ride, making wait-times short, and satisfaction high.


We know that an individual’s independence is a major indicator of a high quality of life. MedTran Spokane provides opportunities for individuals with mobility barriers independence by supporting their transportation needs. Our priority is to provide high customer service while empowering riders to get out of the house safely and conveniently.

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