How MedTran Spokane Can Resolve Your Transportation Barriers

Safe and Reliable Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Support to the Greater Spokane Area

MedTran Customer Satisfaction

Who We Are

MedTran is the premier non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider for the greater Spokane area. We support individuals requiring transportation assistance due to injury, illness, disability, or general lack of reliable transportation gain independence through safe and reliable wheelchair accessible services.

We are a family-owned, Spokane-local business that has seen first-hand, the barriers in quality transportation for individuals with physical limitations. A a licensed nursing home administrator, our founder watched numerous patients sit in the lobby of the facility, waiting for their ride to come; only to discover that the transport company is running late or doesn’t show up at all. We believe deeply in the power of independence and the impact of isolation on an individual’s quality of life.

Not only do we set our standards high on reliability for our riders and safety from pick up to drop off, our values also push our team to provide an experience that uplifts the rider and enhances their overall independence.

Supporting Family and Paid Caregivers

Setting up transportation can be time consuming for Hospital discharge planners, social workers, admissions directors at the healthcare facilities, and family caregivers. We know that finding quality resources that you can count on is difficult, which is why we make our services available to all payment types, including Medicaid, private insurance, and private payments. 

We work to raise awareness to community organizations who’s clients struggle with transportation barriers by participating in connection groups like Senior Action Network of Eastern Washington (SANEWA), or partnering with organizations that serve like-communities including HALO Transportation. This partnership mindset ensures that individuals throughout Spokane are aware of the many transportation and senior care resources that are available to them.

Rider Opportunities

Thanks to our variety of payment types, MedTran is truly able to support riders in getting anywhere they need to go, including but not limited to:

  • Routine medical/doctor’s appointments
  • Medical procedures requiring sedation
  • Oral and cosmetic surgery
  • Optometry procedures with eye dilation
  • Mental health appointments
  • Airport pickup and drop-off
  • Shopping trips and family get-togethers

With so many options, and one of the largest fleets in the region, we know that MedTran Spokane can support the community in any transportation needs they have. Find the solution to your transportation barrier by visiting our website and requesting your first ride with MedTran: