MedTran Vans

Our vans are Dodge Grand Caravan models that have been fully modified to accomodate up to two wheelchairs.  With the client in mind, our rear entry loaded vans allow for less maneuvering once inside the vehicle and easier parking at hospitals and medical facilities– which can often be tough.  Street parking, standard parking lots, and loading and unloading under hospital and facility awnings is a breeze!

Family or friends want to ride along?  Not a problem.  We offer two second-row seats that fold down and a front seat for ambulatory passengers.

Fleet Management

We offer a fully integrated fleet management system.  At any given time, we can locate an individual van or the entire fleet.  Are they stopped, moving, idle?   Is the driver adhering to the speed limit, driving harshly, slamming on the brakes?  Our management system allows us to monitor the status of every one of our vans.  The GPS tracking feature allows us to quickly dispatch our vans and provide better time estimates for our clients.


Service and quality are everything to our business, and it starts with the first interaction you have with our drivers.  You can identify one of our drivers by our company issued green shirts that they are wearing.  Our drivers have successfully passed a state health and welfare background check, drug screen, clean driving record, and have the heart of a caregiver. They pick each client up at their door and safely deliver them to their desired location.