Use Your Medicaid Benefit to Take a Ride with MedTran Spokane

An overview of non-emergency medical transportation through MedTran Spokane

In 2020, a study completed by Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) found that 2.5 million Medicaid beneficiaries delayed care because of transportation issues, despite the fact that all states are requirement to provide non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) under the Medicaid benefit. With just under 5 percent of all Medicaid beneficiaries utilizing the NEMT, much of the population who may benefit from the service is not taking advantage of it.

For many, the fear of the unknown is the biggest barrier to exploring the NEMT benefit. To assist in demystifying the process in an effort to remove this barrier, we have laid out a typical ride with MedTran Spokane from booking to drop off for a Medicaid rider.

Booking a Ride with MedTran Spokane

As a Medicaid Beneficiary, you are given a broker who can assist you in scheduling a NEMT ride. One thing to consider when you book through your broker is that you are not guaranteed to receive your ride from MedTran Spokane, but rather any NEMT provider in the area depending on what is a best fit for your needs. If you would prefer to have a choice over what NEMT company you ride with, you will need to choose the private pay route, booking directly through our website . Private pay options can be most useful in situations where you need a ride on shorter notice than Medicaid allows, or if you want to be able to choose what company you receive a ride from.

Pick Up

Your MedTran driver will pick you up for your ride at your door and assist you safely to our fully modified, wheelchair accessible vans. Our wheelchair riders will benefit from our rear loading feature which makes getting in and out of our vans seamless. For our ambulatory riders, the benefit truly comes from our door-to-door service, especially in the winter months when ice and snow can make the walk to and from a vehicle uncertain.

Arriving to Your Appointment

Reliability is one of our greatest goals. We ensure that you will arrive to your appointment in time using our customized dispatching software. Upon arrival, your driver will escort you to the door and give you a MedTran return ride card.

Scheduling Your Pick Up

When your appointment is complete, scheduling your ride home in simple and convenient. Simply take the return ride card given to you by your driver at drop off and call the number on the card. You will reach our full-time dispatcher who will send the driver closest to you to come pick you up. Because of our large van fleet, we can ensure a typical wait time of 30 minutes or less. When your driver arrives, you will receive assistance back into the van for your comfortable ride home.

Don’t forget to complete your review of our services during your ride home! We have paper feedback forms and digital options to make giving us your feedback as easy as possible!

Drop Off

When you arrive home, you will receive assistance from your driver to your door to ensure a safe return home to relax and begin planning your next ride with MedTran.

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